Brush Department

Brush Pickup

Frequency of Collection

Brush pickup service shall be provided to each applicable residential premises once a month. No collection of brush will normally occur on Saturday, Sunday or holidays observed by the City.  Brush shall be placed at the curbside or in the alley no later than 7:00 a.m. on the Monday of the scheduled collection week, reasonably contained.

Brush Parameters

Brush shall be limited to three (3) feet in length, four (4) inches in diameter, and ten (10) pounds in weight for any single branch. 

Brush/log piles that exceed parameters will be left a door hanger advising the owner that such logs will be picked up by hand removal at a later date.

Brush Pile Duration

The City allots 15 minutes of brush pickup for every residential property within the City limits.  When the monthly brush pickup at any location exceeds the allotted 15 minutes, the Brush Department will provide the resident with a door hanger informing them of this policy. The resident will have the option of paying the established fee rate for the additional pile pickup or have the pile removed during the next scheduled pick up, assuming the remaining pile does not exceed the 15 minute allotment.  If the pile does exceed the next scheduled pickup allotment, the resident will be notified and will have the option of paying for the remaining pile to be removed or be assessed the established fee rate on their next utility bill. 

Condition and Content of Brush

Brush gathered for pickup by city crews shall contain only brush and will not include garbage, trash, bamboo, palm leaves or cactus, leaves and lawn clippings.  The customer shall be solely responsible for ensuring that such materials are not mixed with the gathered brush.  Mixed brush will not be picked up by city crews.  Brush gathered for pickup shall be piled as neatly as possible at the designated location.

Charges for Brush Collection

In the event the city’s designated Brush Department representative estimates that the time required for removal of brush from a particular residence establishment will exceed fifteen (15) minutes in duration, additional charges shall be levied to cover the cost of city work hours and equipment time.  

Prior to removing the brush, the city representative shall contact the appropriate property owner, resident, occupant or responsible authority to seek authorization to proceed with brush removal which exceeds fifteen (15) minutes in duration. 

Immediately after the removal of brush  from the customer’s premises, the city’s representative shall determine the actual work time taken, and a corresponding charge shall be levied on the customer’s utility bill for each additional fifteen (15) minute period of actual work time required for brush removal.  Charges shall not be prorated for periods of less than fifteen (15) minutes.

Charges for Brush Landfill Drop off

Current utility customers may drop off brush at the city landfill. Customer will call and be verified over the phone and the charges will be placed on their monthly utility bill. The utility clerk will then dispatch someone to the landfill to unlock the gate. 

If a property owner does not have an active utility account, they may request to drop off brush with proof of ownership of the property. An invoice will be created and paid for before the utility clerk dispatches someone to the landfill to unlock the gate. 

Brush Collection Price Schedule

The above fees shall be charged on each account every month with actual loading time to be no more than fifteen(15) minutes per pick-up. ORDINANCE NO.2008-O-, SECTION 90-46 Passed and Approved on the 13th day of December, 2007.
Inside City Limit Locations Fee
Single Family Residence $1.50 each month
Duplex Apartments $1.50 each apartment
Garage Apartments $1.50 each month
Apartment Complex $5.00 each month
Housing Units $5.00 each month
Commercial Accounts $20.00 each 15 minutes/as needed
Trailer Load Brush $20.00 each drop off
Truck Load Brush $10.00 each drop off