Animal Control Mission

​Our Mission
To provide a safe and healthy environment for stray animals awaiting return to their homes and to help those not claimed find a new home.  We also provide education to the public regarding animal health, benefits of spay/neuter, animal control laws and requirements, and general well-being of all pets.
Animal Control Information
A. The Luling Animal Shelter is not a voluntary surrender facility and as such the following rules will apply:

  • For purposes of this operational policy care, feeding, maintenance or sustained custody and/or control of a domestic animal shall be considered prima facie evidence of ownership.
  • If, in the opinion of the responding ACO ownership is established, the animal will not be accepted by the City Shelter.  This provision includes unwanted litters from animals for which sufficient proof of ownership is/has been established.
  • Any appeal regarding this rule will directed the Chief of Police for final determination.                           
B. Un-escorted access to the Shelter Compound without LAWS or City of Luling Personnel present is strictly prohibited.

C. Animal drop-off or pick-up of confiscated animals without the knowledge and/or approval of the City of Luling ACO is prohibited and subject to charges being filed.

D. In the event citizens of Luling encounter stray or nuisance animals that need to be removed from their property, they need to report the issue to Luling PD Dispatch.  An ACO will be dispatched to trap or other-wise take custody of the animal and handle the incident per established Department policy.

E.  All animals entering the Shelter, however acquired, must
 be processed by the City of Luling ACO and held for a minimum of 72 hours before those that are deemed adoptable are released to LAWS for processing/adoption.

F. There are no exceptions to the above rules without the express persmission of the Chief of Police or his designee.