J.B. Nickells Memorial Library

J.B. Nickells Memorial Library offers a variety of services, including public access workstations with Internet access, photocopies, office software and wi-fi. Unfortunately, we do not offer scanning or faxing at this time. 

Library Card

Anyone who resides within the city limits of Luling and within a 20 mile diameter of Luling may obtain a library card at no charge.

To obtain a library card, please come to the library with current, legal identification with correct name and current address(i.e. Driver's License, Car Insurance Card, Voter's Registration, Concealed Handgun Permit, Utility Bill).

Book Rental

New memberships are allowed up to 2 items (book, movie, magazine, audio book) at a time, during the first six (6) months. After a six (6) month membership, patrons are allowed up to 10 items at a time. Book rentals are for a two (2) week period, and rental can be renewed up to 2 times. 


The Libby app is a new, on-tap reading app for borrowing digital books and audio books from your library.

Click Here for more information on the Libby app. 


The library offers an annual Summer Reading Program. Please refer to the calendar for those dates.

Stamp Books

We have many generous citizens that donate books and magazines to the library on occasion. These books are sorted through and are used either in the rental program, book sale or in a "stamp book" collection. These books and magazines can be loaned out without a library card and can be brought back at the leisure of any patron.

Movie/DVD Rentals

Patrons with a current standing library card may use the DVD program. The Check out period for a movie is three (3) days. New memberships are allowed up to two (2) movies at a time. After a six (6) month membership, patrons are allowed up to 3 movies at one time. Only 1 NEW movie can be included in the 3 total. Movie rentals can be renewed one (1) time.
Click Here for the DVD Rental Agreement, which includes guidelines. 

Library Fees

Description  Fee Charge
Late Book $.10 per day
Late Movie $1.00 per day
Copies $.10 per page
Library 2023 September
Library 2023 October