City of Luling Public Works Department

Our Public Works Building is located at:
2510 E. Pierce St.
Luling, TX 78648
Offices: (830) 875-5131

Normal Business Hours are Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Closed Holidays and Weekends

Water Quality Report 2011
Electrical Policy & Procedure Mannual

As your Public Works Department we handle all maintenance concerning your electric, water, sewer, trash and brush removal, street, and wastewater services.

Chris Powell
Public Works and Utilities Director
(830) 875-5131 ex 29

Sam Sirilo
Street Superintendent
(830) 875-5131 ex 24

In case of Emergencies call Dispatch at (830) 875-2411

The Utility Department

As your Utilities Department we are here to help you with water meters, water leaks, line extensions, taps, sewer mains, sewer stoppages, electric meters, electric lines, electric line extensions, power outages, & street lighting services.

You can pick up a copy of the Application for Services at the City Hall located at 509 E. Crockett St or print a copy HERE
Deposits may be waved if a “Letter of Credit” is submitted from a previous utility company and meets our requirements of one year prior to service with no more than two late payments during a twelve month period. The Letter of Credit must be faxed to the City of Luling by the utility company at (830) 875-2038. If the Letter of Credit is walked in it must be in a sealed envelope. *We will not accept a Letter of Credit for any Commercial Account*

Residential Electric services only - $150.00 deposit
Residential Water/Sewer/Garbage only - $50.00 deposit
Residential Electric/Water/Sewer/Garbage - $200.00 deposit
*A monthly Brush Fee of $1.50 applies to all residents inside Luling City Limits

Commercial Deposits - $200.00 minimum or 12 month average of the last occupant

Deposits are refunded to the utility account after one year if the account has a good payment record with no delinquencies, disconnects for non-payment, or returned checks. *Two years for Commercial Accounts*
A $20.00 connection fee is required upon opening the account.This is not part of the deposit and is non-refundable.
Must have identification; two forms of ID are required and must be presented in person.
Applications must be completed by the person(s) seeking to open the account. The name(s) on the application must match the submitted identification and lease agreement/deed.
Before service is connected there may be an inspection made on the residence or building. This may delay the connection made at the property.
The City reserves the right to refuse services in the event of inability to provide sufficient identification

For information on our disconnect policy for non-payment please view the following:UTILITY DISCONNECT POLICY

You can make payments on your utility bills either at the City Hall Offices located at 509 E Crockett St., by mail, or online in the following forms:

  • Check
  • Money order
  • Credit card (we accept Discover, Mastercard, Visa, & American Express)
  • Electronic check (on-line only)
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (on-line only)
  • Cash
Any utility payments made through our On-line Utility Payment System is subject to a $3.00 per $100.00 convenience fee. After $500.01 the fee is 3% of the total being proccessed.

Please allow up to 24 hrs for your on-line payment to post to your account. If you have been disconnected due to nonpayment and would like to make a payment using our on-line system, your printed receipt will serve as proof of payment and will need to be presented to request reconnection. If reconnect is requested and completed after 5p.m., an after hours charge of $150.00 will be added to your current balance.


You may also pay your utility bills by leaving your payment in the drop box located in the alley behind City Hall. Payments left in the drop box are picked up daily at 8 am. Payments delivered after that time will be picked up the following morning at 8 am and will be credited to your account on the next business day. Your cancelled check will serve as your receipt.

Please do not deposit cash into the drop box, we are not responsible for any lost or misplaced payments. Check or money order only please.

As per city ordinance number 2011-0-02, Tampering with a water and/or electric meter is defined as the unauthorized act of altering or adjusting the reading, turning on after being turned off by an authorized city representative, piping to the water meter and/or jumpers to the electric meter or to allow water and/or electric service after the meter was removed by an authorized person, or any act to provide for or allow water and/or electric service when such services have been otherwise discontinued.

Tampering with a water and/or electric meter will result in the meter being locked and/or removed and a $200.00 charge to the account before being restored at that location. Once a meter has been locked and/or removed for tampering, a $25.00 reinstallation charge must be paid before a meter will be installed at the location.
Criminal charges may also be filed for the illegal tampering with electric and/or water meter

Water Superintendent – James Mace
(830) 875-5131 ex 25

Wastewater Plant Superintendent – Bill Schulle
(830) 875-5131 ex 26

Electric Superintendent – Morris (Buddy) Pearson
(830) 875-5131 ex 23

In case of Emergencies call Dispatch at (830) 875-2411

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