Laci Bohac
Animal Control Officer
Dispatch Office
(830) 875-2411

• All dogs and cats within the Luling City Limits MUST be registered with the city and have the appropriate tags.
• Pet regisration fees are $5.00 and must be renewed annually.
• Before receiving city tags your pet must have a current rabies tag.

If you find that your pet may have been picked up by Animal Control please call our dispatch at (830) 875-2411 for information and fees.
All penalties can be paid at the City Hall.

For more information please call the Luling Police Department at (830) 875-5407.


The Luling Animal Welfare Society is a 501C3, Non-Profit Corporation formed to work with the City of Luling Animal Control to benefit seized and abandoned animals within the City of Luling. We conduct active adoption programs and have successfully placed hundreds of dogs and cats that would have been euthanized. L.A.W.S. has also raised significant funding to build a new shelter!

Our animal shelter is located
1800 E Pierce St.
Luling TX 78648

Our mialing address is
PO BOX 653
Luling, TX 78648

Feel free to come by and see our animal friends in need of a good home.
For more information you may call (830) 263-0122 or (713) 819-0494.
You can see our available animals on, or on Facebook, or on our web page

Donations to our animal shelter can be made at the City Hall either as a one time gift or you may add a monthly payment to your utility bill. You may also mail your donation to:

L.A.W.S. Donations
509 E. Crockett St.
Luling, TX 78648

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