Garbage & Bulky Items Collection

Bulky Item Collection

Bulky items will be picked up the 1st Friday and/or Saturday of every month of the first full week.

Please do not place bulky items in front of your yard until the day before pickup.

You must call


Public Utilities at 875-2469 to be placed on a list for bulky pick up the Thursday before noon

. If bulky items are placed in the front yard prior to the day before pickup day you run the risk of being cited a citation for junk.

Please note that Construction and Demolition debris is listed as unacceptable, but we will accept small amounts of sheetrock and some wood (no more than 3-4’ in length) from small home projects.  Items such as rebar, concrete, dirt, large amounts of wood and lumber will not be picked up.


  •        Bulky items such as stoves, water tanks, furniture, washing machines, and dryers
  •          Air conditioners, freezers and refrigerators that are tagged verifying CFC’s have been removed by a certified technician
  •          Bulky items not to exceed 3 cubic yards (6’x3’x3’) or exceeding 200 pounds and placed at curbside.
  •          Gasoline, motor oil, paint, chemicals, and similar flammable liquids
  •          Medical waste (including needles and syringes), animals or human waste
  •          Tires, car batteries, and large pieces of metal (car fenders, engines, etc.)
  •          Used oil filters or any hazardous or toxic waste

Garbage Collection

Curotto Can System will go into effect on Monday, October 5th, 2015.

Garbage Carts need to be placed in the front yard within a foot of the curb, no more than 5 feet from the curb.

Please call Public Utilities at 875-2469 if you are handicapped and unable to place your garbage cart in the front yard, so that a yard marker can be issued to you.

If you park in the street, blocking your garbage carts, you will not be picked up. If someone else blocks your garbage can, you need to call and report it so that we can make a notation of the incident.

No garbage bags will be picked up by hand. All garbage bags must be inside a garbage container.

To obtain/order extra garbage containers, please call Public Utilities at 830-875-2469.

Residential Garbage

Additional carts at a location are $7.20 additional cart per month.
Service Price
Single Residential Inside City Limits $18.76 per month
Single Residential Outside City Limits $32.94 per month