Electric Department

The Electric Department is responsible for maintaining the electrical system.The department mission is to provide quality service with minimal interruptions in service.The Electric Department performs all maintenance and extensions of lines. This department responds to all routine and emergency system outages and clears the right-of-ways of infringements by trees and brush to maintain and ensure the quality of service and the elimination of interruptions in the system. 

Maintenance of the system consists of replacing poles, transformers, switches, conductors, meters, and metering equipment. Extensions consist of building power lines, hanging transformers, running new services, connecting and metering new services, and all maintenance to the electric system that is required and to ensure reliable services to the customers.

Call Public Utilities at 830-875-2469 to get a price quote on a new construction for your electric infrastructure. Public Utilities works closely with the Permit Department and the Electric Department to help you get your project going.
Prices are subject to change, based on current retail price schedule.
Electric Meter Size Price 
2S- 240V Single Phase Call for Pricing
2S- 240V Single Phase w/disconnect Call for Pricing
2SE- 240V Single Phase Call for Pricing
4S- 120/240V Single Phase Call for Pricing
6S,9S,12S,16S  Three Phase Call for Pricing
Prices are subject to change, based on current retail price schedule.
Service Pole Size Price includes Installation
30 foot  $325.00
45 foot  $820.00
Plus $10 each month on utility bill.
LED Light  Price includes Installation & Maintenance
Street Light 83 Watts $495.00
Security Light 50 Watts $175.00

LED Street Light Vs. LED Night Light

LED Street Light

led street light

LED Night Light

led night light