Private Party Rental

The South side pool is available to rent outside of operating hours. Please read the guidelines below.
  • Bookings and payments must be made at least 7 days in advance of the rental date.
  • Private pool rentals can be reserved on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 
  • Rentals are for a block time of 2 hours; beginning at 7 p.m. and ending at 9 p.m.
  • Furniture such as tables and chairs can be brought inside the pool grounds, but must not block any exits. 
  • Food and decorations can be brought inside the pool grounds, but must be cleaned and disposed of outside of the grounds in designated dumpsters.

Rental Fees

*Deposit will be returned upon satisfactory inspection of the premises.
Category Fee
Damage Deposit* $50.00
2 hours up to 25 swimmers $70.00
Additional Swimmers over 25 $2.00 each
2 Lifeguards $50.00
Additional Lifeguards over 50 swimmers $25.00 each 
Additional Hours $25.00 each guard/per hour


Please call Brittaney Aleman at 830-875-9085, or Email Brittaney for bookings. 

Rental Contract 
Please print out rental contract and fill out. You can deliver or email rental contract to Brittaney Aleman at the Southside Pool. You are also more than welcome to go down to the Southside Pool to fill out the form in person.
Deposits and Rental fees can be paid online here.